Veterans' Rights

US veterans are our country’s bravest, having sacrificed in order to ensure the safety needed to preserve our values and our very way of life. As the backbone of what keeps America great, it makes sense that our veterans deserve only the best treatment upon their return to American soil. Unfortunately, many times veterans find themselves having to fight the government to receive the benefits that they deserve. This can be highly stressful for both the veterans and their families who have already endured enough. Worse yet, veterans often suffer injuries from treatment at VA hospitals due to the often incompetent VA doctors.

Mr. Forsyth is a veteran himself having served in the Iraq War. He can relate to your experience and has a personal stake in bringing justice to veterans who are having a difficult time with the VA for their veterans’ benefits or those who have suffered injuries as a result of malpractice at VA hospitals. For legal representation that you can trust, call Mr. Forsyth today!