You Have Rights. Do You Know Them? Mr. Forsyth Does.

Business owners and property owners have a legal duty to protect individuals on the premises from harm. This includes carefully inspecting the store and the grounds to find any potential dangers and fix them immediately. If you have been hurt due to the negligence of a business or property owner, you may be entitled to compensation for the injury and the pain you have suffered.

Mr. Forsyth is committed to seeking maximum damages for the injuries of our clients. These accidents can result in costly medical bills or even time lost at work, creating mounting bills and financial stress for the victim. If your accident could have been prevented, we will fight to ensure you are compensated

Your Rights Are Time Sensitive

Grocery stores, retail locations and restaurants are some of the most common locations for such accidents to occur. Managers and store owners can easily become complacent, failing to look for and fix dangerous situations. This could include spills, slippery surfaces, elevated steps, dangerous displays, store falls, disrepair, unbalanced shelving or other hazardous conditions. If the owner does not remedy the situation and you are injured as a result, there are legal steps you can take to seek compensation for the pain you have experienced.

Businesses must also evaluate the safety of the parking lot and surrounding grounds, exercising reasonable care to prevent accidents or harm. They must offer adequate security for those coming and going from the business.

Homeowners and individuals who have invited you onto their private property also have a responsibility to exercise reasonable care and protect you from potential dangers. This includes adequate fencing and safety precautions that will protect children and the elderly.

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