Your Rights Are Time-Sensitive

If the negligence of another person results in harm to you or your property, there are legal steps available to hold the responsible parties accountable and seek compensation for the injury you have suffered. Mr. Forsyth is skilled in seeking maximum damages for the victims of accidents that could and should have been prevented.

Seeking Compensation On Your Behalf

Mr. Forsyth handles all forms of personal injury, including:

Mr. Forsyth does not take on a high volume of cases, pushing each one through the process as quickly as possible and accepting the first settlement offer. Rather, he dedicates a high degree of time and attention to each case, thoroughly investigating the accident and working with experts to strategically pursue compensation on your behalf.

The team at Forsyth Law, LLC understands the trauma you have been through and are committed to fighting for you. Mr. Forsyth will dedicate time and attention to conducting, discovering and preparation to find all relevant evidence and details to build a solid case. Throughout the case, you will be provided full visibility into how your case is being handled and equipped with the answers and information needed to make the best decisions for yourself and your family. He will fight for the most advantageous settlement possible, never settling for something less than what the case is worth. Your best interest is the focal point of our approach.

Mr. Forsyth will seek maximum damages on your behalf to cover all medical costs, repair bills, time lost at work, and pain and suffering that you have endured because of the accident. To arrange a free initial consultation, please contact our McIntosh County law offices today at 912-437-4544.