Traffic Violations Do Indeed Matter

With the regional, heavy traffic on Georgia's Interstate 95, residents from inside and outside the state can run into trouble for many reasons. When someone receives a speeding ticket, is arrested on suspicion of DUI or is accused of other traffic violations, a reliable Darien traffic violation lawyer can make a significant difference. Even when an incident may seem trivial — its solution straightforward — there are impacts and procedures that can be easily overlooked.

Mr. Forsyth can guide you through your traffic incident in court. Serious implications can arise from a citation or other situation. You can lose driving privileges and receive penalizing points on your driver's license. Your insurance premiums may increase.

Experienced Traffic Ticket Lawyers And Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you live out of state and have received a Georgia traffic ticket or other traffic citation, you may not need to revisit the state to get through court in certain cases. Whenever possible, we represent you in court so you can stay at home and go about your daily routine.

Mr. Forsyth also represents clients on charges stemming from a traffic stop, including DUI, drug possession, license suspensions and similar charges.

Drivers facing Georgia's Super Speeder ticket (speeds of 85mph or greater on 4-lane highways or speeds of 75mph or greater on 2-lane roads) not only receive points on their license and a fee, but an additional $200 fine. Mr. Forsyth can review the case to see if such impacts can be avoided.

A driver's license suspension or commercial driver's license (CDL) suspension could mean the loss of a job and livelihood. Mr. Forsyth can review your case and implement effective strategies geared toward minimizing the potential consequences. Retaining your way of life is the goal.

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