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Criminal charges are serious and have the potential to derail your future if not confronted proactively with skill and dedication. Mr. Forsyth takes an aggressive and experienced approach to each case he defends. He will carefully investigate the charges against you and zealously advocate on your behalf, working with prosecutors and judges to protect your interests and your future.

Drunk driving and DUI offenses — If you have been charged with a DUI, it is critical that you work with a skilled attorney to avoid the full brunt of sentencing. A conviction could result in losing your license, paying significant fines and having to enroll in a series of classes. This could total to thousands of dollars and a lengthy loss of driving privileges.

Drug offenses — The state of Georgia harshly prosecutes drug offenders. Our firm is skilled in handle a broad range of charges, including drug possession, manufacturing, distribution, possession with intent to sell, prescription drug charges and trafficking.

Felony offenses — Our firm is equipped to handle all forms of felony charges, including theft, assault and battery, probation violation and drug offenses. These have significantly harsher consequences, and it is important that you have representation with the skill and experience to confront the prosecution and fight for minimized charges.

We are selective in the cases we take on, ensuring that we can provide the highest degree of attention and diligence to each case. This allows Mr. Forsyth to dedicate the time, attention and investigation needed to produce the best possible outcome in your case.

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