Defending You Against DUI And Drunk Driving Charges

If you have been charged with a DUI, the outcome of your case — including your driving privileges and permanent criminal record — largely depends on the quality of representation you have on your side. Mr. Forsyth is skilled in handling DUI and drunk driving charges, and will know how to advise you on the best course of action depennding on your specific circumstances. He understands the nuances of these laws and the strategies available to fight them.

Intensive Investigation And Representation At Administrative Hearings

He will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of the arrest, including the reason for the stop, the manner in which you were tested for intoxication and how law enforcement carried out the arrest. In some cases, he is able to have the charges minimized if your rights were violated or there was any breach of protocol.

If this is your first offense, Mr. Forsyth may be able to work with prosecutors to have the charges minimized in exchange for treatment programs and other alternatives. If you are facing a second, third or greater charge, Mr. Forsyth will aggressively review all previous arrests to determine if any could be contested. He will also fight to protect you from the harsh sentencing measures that accompany multiple DUIs and felony DUIs.

Refusing The Breathalyzer And Implied Consent

The state of Georgia has an implied consent rule, which states that by driving on state roads or highways, you consent to any drug or alcohol testing that law enforcement may administer. If you refused a Breathalyzer test, the state can automatically revoke your license for a year. It is important that we act quickly. Hearings to reinstate your license must take place within 10 days.

To arrange an initial consultation to learn how we can move quickly to protect your interests through experienced DUI defense strategies, please contact our McIntosh County law offices today at 912-437-4544.